Perhaps it was sitting at a gala dinner table and all the ladies pulling out U Beauty's The Plasma Lip Compound to moisten their lips into glistening, plump pouters. Or it might have been the celebrity hair stylist who swore by U Beauty's The Sculpt Arm Compound, saying it was the best firming moisturizing for the back of the arms she'd ever tried. Whatever it was, there was a lot of U Beauty this summer that made us sit up and take notice.

The Multimodal Defender (Broad Spectrum) SPF30 is an all-angles attack on discolouration and hyperpigmentation — from prevention to reduction and a joy of a product for all of us who like to minimize the number of layers of different products. That's probably U Beauty's secret weapon - streamlining skincare to offer single products that can help achieve multiple results.

The Plasma Lip compound is probably our favourite product out of them all - easy to carry, reapply throughout the day and leaves our lips plump and looking like they've just had an 8 hour nap.

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