Is a glass of milk enough for good night’s sleep? Sure - maybe when we didn't have the constant blue screen, neon rectangle of a mobile device constantly at our fingertips, buzzing with each new piece of news, message, like or alarm.

So it's no wonder even the deepest of sleepers are nowadays finding it harder and harder to sleep. In fact, new research has shown that only 11% of Brits regularly sleep soundly through the night! All the more reason to find effective ways to ensure we fully tuck in at night.

Cue natural aids - less glass of milk, more herbal concoctions and supplements developed by great scientific minds!  Take the Nue Co Sleep Drops. Their philosophy is simple, all natural, all "clean" (in this case, meaning alcohol-free and vegan) and aiming for very effective results.

So the sleep drops... how do those work? You could either take a drop directly in your mouth under your tongue, or add the drops to a drink (yes, even a warm glass of milk old school style) and all natural ingredients such as chamomile and passionflower aim to relax you.

Do you believe in a more solid route? Dr Barbra Sturm began her journey in Orthopaedics, basically, all bones and no skin, however, this changed when she realised the anti-inflammatory medicines she was using for athletes would also improve their skin. Since then, she's been the go-to for celebrities and skin obsessives ever since. But to move her success from skin to sleep?

Good Night Sleep Food is the latest product launch by Dr Sturm, and just as The Nue Co., boasts of an all natural ingredient list - lavender and passionflower being key. Vitamins like B12, which increase melatonin production which is said to tell the brain to go to sleep.

There's no doubt that a night of restful sleep gets you ready for the day ahead. We've found a few more products you can explore that might help you get there!

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