Looking into your beauty cabinet, how many products can you count that are in plastic containers? The answer is probably too many - and if you're like us, and the guilt of plastic bottles is getting to be unbearable then it’s time to re-assess. What does that actually mean? Well, there are so many beauty brands who have completely stepped away from using new plastics to re-thinking how products are housed in much more sustainable ways. And we've curated four of them for the perfect festival-ready beauty bag that you can chuck after the weekend's done in the recycling bin, knowing it's 100% plastic-free.

Even if you didn’t like math in school, SBTRCT could be for you. Pronounced “Subtract”, the brand was founded by Ben Grace in 2020 for people who want to make an effort for living sustainably, without compromising on quality and beautiful design. Ben has one principle for his products: Less is more. By stripping out (aka subtracting) the things we don’t need, we are left with nothing but the best. So this skincare bar in a little wooden, re-usable box? Sweet in smell, sweet for the earth. Win win.

Oway merge two words: organic and way, both of which are at the core of the brand – the label is focused on biology-based products (organic) and committed to delivering a respectful collection of lifestyle products with a nurturing ecosystem at its center (way). Find anything from shampoos, to multipurpose oils and suncare all filled in their glass bottles.

We Are Paradoxx
Get your hands on Paradoxx for everything haircare: Moisture-rich shampoo, frizz smoothing hair masks and detoxifying dry shampoos. Plus – they tick all the important boxes: Sustainable, cruelty-free, vegan and they are claiming to be the only truly sustainable haircare brand. Bold claims, to be sure, but we gotta start somewhere! Their aluminium can packaging is easily 100% recyclable and will travel well.

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, homework puts the power of nature into nutrient-loaded beauty products. Inspired by her own Chinese upbringing and parents who set up their own clinic in Manchester, Stephanie Hannington-Suen carries on the healing power of nature in her product range. This Chinese cedar and coriander charcoal soap will have you smelling like a fresh summer day and lathers up nicely.