Should one mess with a classic? Perhaps only if you have a real maverick who plays outside the guidelines?

Francis Kurkdijan, newly appointed as Dior’s Creative Director of perfumes just a year ago, has within his short tenure already left a most notable mark on Dior’s scentscape. Because this month, Dior has released a limited trilogy of some of their most famous fragrances: Cologne Blanche and Eau Noir alongside the bestseller Bois d’Argent – the first two re-imagined by Francis Kurkdijan.

Francis is forever linked to the hugely successful Baccarat Rouge, a heady and hefty fragrance if there ever was one. But many wrists with discerning pulses have discovered his propensity for scents that only a truly complex nose can translate into the most beautiful of scents.

At Dior, Francis had big footsteps to fill: His predecessor François Demachy created the iconic scents J’adore and Miss Dior, both fully engrained into our cultural consciousnesses due to heavy rotation of Charlize Theron and Nathalie Portman tv ad campaigns. But it seems he’s more than up for the challenge, taking on some of Dior’s most iconic perfumes. Cologne Blanche, Eau Noir and Bois d’Argent have all been updated - surprising since their initial release in 2004, the scents have remained untouched – until now.

Eau Noir, the nocturnal animal of the scents, known for its liquorice spicy notes, will get a whole new facelift. Even the liquid itself will change colour – from its distinctive emerald green shade to a golden yellow. It's kept its notes of lavender with an addition of mysterious myrrh.

Cologne Blanche is Eau Noir's powdery-wood sister. Tangy in the beginning, with notes of orange blossom, it keeps a depth with bergamot and rosemary against a sensual amber backdrop. A light and summery scent for everyone who wants to feel like they are picking flowers under the French sun - we can all relate.

And last but not least comes Bois d’Argent, the most timeless of the trio and the only one that keeps its signature scent, with iris in the spotlight in the smokey swirls of incense. The woody cypress, warm honey in juxtaposition with the faint smell of leather make Bois d’Argent one of Dior’s bestselling perfumes for good reasons.

They aren't making you choose if you don't want to - offered as a trilogy in miniature version from for £345 now on Fell in love with one of the scents specifically? The full 125ml will be available from September 1 st .