Fashion's lexicon is full of automatic pairings.  And there is none more immediate than Chanel and tweed. But the French brand's love for this textured fabric (and let's face it, most women's obsession) can now extend to something everyone can (more) easily attain: eyeshadow! Chanel’s 2022 limited Eye Collection beauty range will feature “Les 4 ombres tweed” – eyeshadows inspired by this woven fabric that glints with different colours and textures and whose "Chanel recipe" is long held close to their factories' hearts.

Gabrielle Chanel disrupted the fashion world in 1954 when she introduced tweed – a woollen, textured fabric borrowed from traditional menswear. Influenced by fishing and hunting jackets, Coco wanted to give women the ability to move more freely in a time when stiff skirts and corseted waists were still the status quo. By creating a more flexible, soft tweed that followed a woman's natural movement and didn't restrict nor feel heavy, she revolutionised what it meant to be chic and elegant and free.

Since then, tweed's became synonymous with Chanel. Reinterpreted in so many ways through accessories, clothing and even jewellery, it's a natural development for beauty to be next.  
The eye quad, Chanel’s handy eyeshadow palettes with perfectly coordinated colours, was first introduced in 1982. But now not only are the powders stamped in a knotty tweed imprint, but each quad comes in a pouch made from the famous fabric. Our favourite of the limited edition palettes? “Tweed Cuivre”, where a brownish plum meets shades of copper and gold, bronze and rich shimmers, inspired by the precious metals Gabrielle Chanel loved so dearly.

Get your hands on “Les 4 ombres tweed” HERE