Last week's Haute Couture extravaganza in Paris was almost overtaken by the circus of celebrity. Beelining to the most over-the-top and jaw dropping shows, the great, the good, the notorious AND the very rich got to witness a return to form from the biggest French luxury houses. From afar, for those of us who couldn't travel to bear witness in person, the livestreams of the shows were a passable simulacrum for the real thing.

So it's only when the images of the backstage beauty looks came through our desks did we really sit up with excitment. While we may not be able to indulge in a Couture tailored tweed suit from Chanel, we certainly can get inspired by the heavy black geometric shapes the models' eyes were made up in and get a bit Chanel-y in that way. 

Sometimes it was a heavy cateye in the blackest of blacks, sometimes it was two stacked on top of each other to create geometric wings that were sharp rather than slinky.

These are eye looks made for a night out, all about a big, bold statement that says, "I'm here. See me roar!"

Get all the tools you need to re-create these looks HERE