• Sometimes you don't need all the fancy gadgets or a masseuse to fully unwind, and all it takes is the turn of a faucet. The wind-down, evening bath is probably one of the most relaxing rituals you can have, and there are so many reasons why making your bath time salty is that much more restorative.

    Balt salts are known to moisturize the skin as a result of a good, long soaking in a warm bath, even just once a week for 15-20 minutes. Hard to fathom for the die-hard shower fans, but essential for those plunged in the bath camp. With touted benefits said to include improvement of the skin barrier function, hydration of the skin, and the ability to decrease inflammation, who's arguing?

    Homework's Wood Bath Soak is made of Dead Sea and epsom salts infused with essential oils of pine, Chinese cedar, ho leaf and dried nettle leaves. With a woody whiff of the forest wafting up through the dissolved mineral rich salts, the combination with the Ho leaf (the essential oil of Ho comes from the leaves and twigs of the camphor tree) and dried nettle leaves (renowned in traditional Chinese medicine for their soothing and healing properties) result in a restoring, replenishing soak. All of Homework's Bath Soaks are handmade in London using only 100% natural botanical ingredients.  They are cruelty free, vegan and are packaged in lightweight infinitely recyclable steel tins which are also made in London using solar power. 

    Mirror Water Soak salts are naturally derived as well, and come packed in a recyclable glass jar.  Inspired by forests (hence our pick for this month, duh!), these bath salts are formulated with essential oils such as vetiver, cedarwood, Canadian black spruce and bergamot as well as formulated with a blend of three varieties of mineral-rich bathing salts to help produce a restful environment.

    So bask in the therapeutic aromas released, and prepare for a restful night ahead. Get salty!

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