What... a Hyper Nature comb from RE=COMB

Why... Because this tool is changing the way that the hair industry uses plastic.

To go from bed-head to tamed tresses, nothing beats the simple, yet effective, tool that is a hair comb. Quick to detangle without ripping your hair out, and sleek and small enough to slip into the most micro of micro-bags, this haircare staple has gone under-appreciated for too long.

Bringing much need attention to this hair-aid is RE=COMB, who are on a mission to change the future of hair tools by making theirs sustainably. Helmed by Sarah Palmer and Christopher Deagle – two leading hair stylists with a little black book of celebs-cum-clients – they started RE=COMB in 2020 to show that hair tools can (and should) be made with recycled plastic. And as if they're acid-hued de-tanglers weren't unique enough, their plastic re-blending method means that each comb has a bespoke marble effect that ensures that no two combs look the same. Whilst there's so many colourful swirls on offer, Anemone takes poll position for its fiery shade that acts as its own beacon if lost in your handbag. 

Furthering our predilection for eco-friendly haircare as well as managing our manes, we're knot afraid (pun intended) to label these combs as a necessity within your beauty kit.

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