Have you ever been put off trying something new because of the misconceptions around it? To then find that your negative associations were false all along? Yes, we have too, and this feature is here to remove any pre-judgements, so you can try new things that may change your life for the better.

Whatever it may be, we'll do the investigative work to give you some peace of mind that your time isn't being wasted.

Period pants have received a lot of scrutiny over the years, mainly for their nappy-like composition or their inability to do their job without ruining your trousers. But times have changed, and we trialled a pair of Pantys to prove that this sustainable sanitary product is worth buying. See below Carmen Bellot's honest review of how they held up, and how they've counteracted their common misconceptions.

It feels like you're wearing a nappy.
In all honesty, I did expect the above statement to be true. But when you receive a pair of Pantys, you'll quickly realise that this isn't the case. I trialled the Bikini and Classic shapes, and both weren't anywhere near nappy-like. They use absorbent fabrics that are antimicrobial and made of natural fibres, and they're a lot less intrusive to wear than sanitary towels. The Bikini style also has sheer panels on the front and back, making them appear a lot sexier than the usual pants I would wear whilst on my period. 

As soon as you've bled, they smell.
This is 100% not true. I was so impressed with how little odour there was throughout the day, but don't expect them to be smelling like they've just come out of the washing machine. I prefer the fact they don't exude an artificial scent, but if you're really conscious about them smelling, just change them as soon as you're uncomfortable! Whenever you decide to change them, as long as you don't wear them over the eight hour wear time, no one around you will be able to notice the difference. 

They will leak onto your clothes.
I wore them throughout my period cycle and had no problems with leakage. Like with any sanitary product, you shouldn't wear them longer than they recommended time, but if you do, it may just result in a stain appearing on the outer layer of your pants. Even then, the absorbent material stops it from spreading to your clothes. I felt so confident that I wore white jeans whilst wearing a pair – imagine!

My flow is too heavy to wear them.
Pantys cater to however heavy your flow is, and you can pick your pants depending on such. They also have some specifically to wear overnight (though the ones I had worked just as well during the night) for added protection whilst you sleep.

You have to handwash them.
Every pair comes with a washing bag so you can put them in the washing machine. They are still delicates, so you should be washing them in that way. You should never use bleach, fabric softener or any product that uses those ingredients when washing to avoid ruining the fabric. Instead, wash them with a mild soap or detergent, or even better, wash them with a natural or biodegradable solution.

Would I use period pants as my main sanitary product? Absolutely. Knowing that this is a sustainable option that also is better for my gynaecological health – for those who, like me, opted for a generic tampon brand during that time of the month may want to look into the other options found here – has me smiling, even through the worst PMS inflicted mood swings.  

Shop a pair of Pantys here.

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