If there's anything we've learned in the last year, it's the importance of self-care. We've quite literally been spending more time with ourselves than ever before but rather than bemoan that fact, we couldn't be more happy to indulge ourselves. And what says self-care better than a massage? While we may not be able to get ourselves to a spa, massage therapist or a beauty professional in any capacity, there is something you can do at home: practice the art of Gua Sha.

Taking root in traditional Chinese medicine, Gua Sha has made its way into the mainstream with the instantly recognisable massage stones dominating the beauty community and we've seen the marble white, jade green and rose quartz stones grace our Instagram feeds aplenty– so much so, we couldn't ignore it (and didn't want to!). So, we decided to get the low down on how the palm-sized tool works to rejuvenate our skin and improve overall health. To help us get started on our Gua Sha journey, we sought out the expertise of Jodi Fox, face and body therapist and co-founder of Scotland-based wellness brand, MODM.

1. What are some of the health and skincare benefits of using a massage tool? 

Apart from the obvious benefits to the skin - draining, contouring, de-puffing, stimulating the blood flow for glow, softening fine lines - using a massage tool creates a routine that helps foster a sense of self-care that lifts your mood, grounds you, and should make you less self-critical, not just in these challenging times but encourages a ritual for taking forward longterm.
It's also great way of making your facial oil penetrate deeper to get the best results from it and is easier to use than performing a DIY facial massage with your hands!

2. Why might one choose Gua Sha over a jade roller?
For me, a jade roller is easy to use, feels lovely on the skin and is particularly good for getting rid of puffiness around the eyes, but our facial massage stone is more multi-functional. 
As well as de-puffing, it contours the face better, making your bone structure stand out, lifts the muscles more effectively, and the design allows for micro-stimulating fine lines for softening their appearance. Some of my clients even use it for relieving knots of tension in the neck and shoulder area.

3. We love the design of the MODM stone, especially the comb and scalloped edges. What are some of the considerations that went into making the stone?
We designed the stone to be as versatile and easy as possible to use, as well as looking aesthetically pleasing. White jade is a naturally cool stone, thought to have healing and calming energy, the ability to absorb negativity. The scalloped edge fits into the natural contour of the jaw, under the cheekbone and under the eye for toning the area all at once. The longer comb-edge is better for micro-stimulating larger areas of the face, and great for diffusing tension in the scalp. The shorter comb-edge is for using in a light, but fast, see-saw action, softening the appearance of fine lines.

Get into Gua Sha with Jodi's beginner tutorial using the MODM stone:

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