What… A Resin Soap Dish

Why… Because the little things add up

Bar soap has been revived, its status restored. Not only are all those little plastic bottles of pump handled liquid hand soap terrible for the environment, but they are also deeply unattractive and an affront to bathroom serenity.

Instead bar soap is the order of the day. And this resin soap dish by Australian brand Dinosaur Designs is the ideal repository for it. Run by design duo Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, Dinosaur Designs is a Sydney-based brand who specialise in hand-cast resin objets d’art.

Resin is strong and durable with similar properties to ceramic, but is actually a by-product of the oil industry, essentially a waste material that often ends up in landfill sites. Because it is a bit like paint when wet, the fluidity of the liquid resin means that it is possible to cast these beautiful marbled sculptures, which look almost like carved stone. This bee one, called ‘Lagoon’, has little legs and a hole in the centre to allow the water to drip through.

It is available here.

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