What… UpCircle Eye Cream

Why… Because this cream brightens up your eye area with same ingredient we use to brighten our morning moods: coffee!

Despite how drastically dehydrating a cup of Joe can be for our skin, apply it topically, and your complexion will look as uplifted as your mood after your daily dose of caffeine.

And while the benefits of coffee within skincare is old news, have you ever thought about where brands source said soluble? No, we hadn't either, until brother and sister duo, Anna and William Brightman, informed us via their brand, UpCircle, as they pioneer the use of food by-products within their skincare

Starting the brand in 2016 after realising they could be utilising their used coffee granules, so they wouldn't end up on landfills polluting the earth – decomposing granules releases methane into the atmosphere, which is the second-most abundant greenhouse gas – the duo reached out to local cafes and businesses to obtain their coffee waste. With the existing knowledge of how beneficial caffeine was for the skin, Anna and William founded UpCircle, with the aim of repurposing other's waste to create skincare treasures. 

Having launched with a face and body scrub, their latest complexion-perfecting caffeine concoction, their eye cream includes (you guessed it) re-purposed coffee oil extracted from repurposed grounds as well as anti-inflammatory maple bark extract; a by-product of the wood industry. Simple tap onto dark circles for an instant caffeine boost of brightness, and it also makes the perfect base for make-up. 

Rest assured, your cafe cuppa will be a lot more enjoyable with the knowledge that it'll eventually, be improving your skin too! 

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