We'd usually look to our favourite Christmas condiment, cranberries, to aid our skin this time of year. But as this year has been slightly different (to say the least) we think it's time to shake up the seasons stereotypes. 

Winter is usually bountiful with berries, and these will often end up in the products we smother on our skin. But to get that summer glow that we often lack during this three month long cold spell, it's worth looking to the summer fruits that achieve exactly that

To remind us of warmer times and to give the appearance we've just spent this season sunbathing in the Caribbean, opt for these goodies for a fruitful glow.

Glow Rituals Watermelon Dew Drops
We all know that hydration is the key to glowing skin, so what better fruit to drench your face in than one that contains more than 90% water?! As the name suggests, watermelon is the (often unheralded) skincare superstar that's almost guaranteed to bring radiance to your complexion. Glow Rituals have done the work for you and squeezed it's goodness – read: vitamins A & C and skin-plumping amino acids – into their Watermelon Dew Drops, which is also packed with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid to ensure multi-faceted moisturisation and an all day glow.

UpCircle Mandarin Toner
Waste not, want not is the mantra at UpCircle: the skincare brand whose pioneering a circular economy within the beauty-sphere by sourcing natural bi-products to use as ingredients. Their toner, which is made out of the residual water of green mandarin fruit from the juicing industry, is not only sustainably made, but also a skin saviour. Filled with minerals, vitamins, amino acids and functional actives that the usual liquid component within skincare, mineral filtered water, doesn't have, it's guaranteed to hydrate. With brightening and rejuvenating mandarin oil and soothing camomile stem extract acting as accompaniments, these trio of elements make for a triple threat.

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Origins Drink Up 10 minute Hydrating Mask With Apricot & Glacier Water
Imagine getting the skincare benefits of drinking a tall glass of water instantly, well, it's now a reality. With thanks to Origin and their newly updated 10 minute Hydrating Mask, that now contains apricots and Swiss Glacier water, you can quench dry and dehydrated skin's quicker than you can say the lengthy product name.

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