While many say that hindsight is a wonderful thing, those who put off getting their regular beauty treatments pre-quarantine can prove how very wrong that saying is. I raise my hand as being one of the deluded people that didn't see the possibility of imminent lockdown, believing there was next week, or the week after, to be able to get my highlights retouched. It's now been three weeks; with the only salvation being that at least no one will be able to see the extent of my root growth.

My vanity certainly isn't the biggest of the world's issues right now, but with there being nationwide worry about the state of the public's mental health – where self-confidence lies as a pea in its pod – due to weeks of isolation, we're desperately in need of small ways of making us feel good. Alex Brownsell, co-founder and Creative Director of BLEACH LONDON: the salon for experimental hair colours, has opted to share joy in the way she knows best. “Self-isolation can either drive people to completely detox from beauty, or the complete opposite and spend time experimenting and self-expressing," says Alex, who sees this as an opportunity to embrace creativity. "While you’re at home, you don’t have to abide by office dress codes, so you can dare to try new looks and become your own “digital avatar”."

Tomorrow evening, BLEACH LONDON will host the first ever digital 'hair party', where customers will be given step-by-step advice from the salon team, encouraging them to experiment with their hair at home. Georgie May Jagger, Pixie Geldoff, Nick Grimshaw and Mesh Henry are all invited and ready to play with their hair, Alex shares. "Nick will be acting as Mesh’s hair stylist and Georgia is going to mix her own bespoke blend. We also want to recreate the salon environment and have a good chat, experiment and have some fun. There may also be surprise appearances from our pets!" Invites to the party are available after purchasing one of the Party Packs available from the website. After sharing my overdue-roots dilemma, reassures me that this new hair trend is, to my surprise, blatantly embracing it. "I’m loving the ‘Root Clash’ trend at the minute, which has been in the spotlight thanks to Billie Eilish’s green roots," explains Alex. "We’ve created a Root Clash Party Pack, which is a really easy to use bundle and offers a more creative way to touch up your roots. Instead of doing your usual 6-week touch up, choose a shade that contrasts with your overall colour." 

Before lockdown, I wasn't expecting to be looking to the Queen of Gen Z as my next hair muse, but with a lot of spare time and hair that's in need of colouring, the Party Packs are a creative solace that's come at a time when our normal lives have been disrupted. While there's a lot we can't currently do, mixing up our hair colour is something we can; and if it all goes wrong, at least no one will see.

Join the hair party here, and shop more products here.

Written by Carmen Bellot

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