What… Kjaer Weis Invisible Touch Concealer

Why… Because this creamy concealer will both smooth your complexion and nourish your skin.

Environmentally conscious make-up + added skincare benefits = Kjaer Weis

At Because, we've forever adored the brand for the aforementioned reasons – so much so our EIC collaborated with them – and any new product of theirs is quick to hit our radar. Having hit the shelves in the midst of summer, we've spent the last few weeks trialling and testing their new Invisible Touch Concealer, and we can barely hide our excitement for it. 

True to its name, this concealer is light, creamy, and blends evenly with the skin to remain undetectable. With Poppy Seed extracts, Moringa oil and Rosehip oil packed into each bottle, you best believe that a swipe of this concoction is equally as good to your skin as it is at concealing it. The irony: this concealer will leave your skin hydrated, protected from free radicals, and de-puffed, with the intention that in the long run, you won't be needing it at all.

Each Kjaer Weis product is created with integrity for the savvy consumer, in both design and in the product itself. The packaging is refillable to minimise waste, and the formula is vegan for the conscious shopper, meaning this conscious concealer will leave you feeling as radiant as your skin looks.

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