At home beauty gadgets have always been prominent in the skin care industry, and we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on them. Whether it be an LED eye mask from Dr Dennis Gross or a vibrating cleanser applicator from FOREO, you can trust me when I say that myself and the team have tried it all. But, the world of home haircare technology still remains as unchartered waters – until now.

As someone who is rather protective of her own hair – I fully identify with the famed Fleabag quote that “hair is everything” – it’s taken a forceful shove to push me out of my comfort zone. It took a beautiful balayage treatment I had in February by sustainable salon, Buller and Rice, to cure the PTSD a set of blonde highlights I had when I was 14 had caused – a zebra crossing of stark brassy blonde stripes covered my naturally dark brunette hair – which then pushed me to try cutting my hair at home, with the guidance of Bleach London and their virtual haircuts during the first lockdown. The result of this therapy has made me inquisitive about the possibilities of my hair: intrigued to go on new adventures where I would have once cowered away. So when I learnt of Réduit and their laser tech at home hair pods, I accepted the challenge with a resounding yes.

Having officially launched in September by the former CEO of FOREO – a skincare brand I wholeheartedly trust – their vision is to provide effective haircare solutions for all hair types, while also remaining sustainable. Using innovative haircare technology, the brand has created a nifty product that uses LED light therapy alongside hair treatments (nicely contained in recyclable hairpods) that can better your hair after just one minute of use. All you need to do is pop your chosen treatment into the device, turn it on, and move it to the areas you’d like to target. Sounds simple, right?

And it was. After receiving it, I got straight to work in trying to use it, and found that there was little to confuse me in the process. Upon choosing my treatment, which range from adding volume to protecting your hair colour, and everything in between, I managed to quickly figure out how to connect the puzzle pieces together and started applying the treatment to my hair. With the treatment lasting a minimum of a minute – the pods are designed to be reusable for up to 20 applications – you can easily fit this into your morning routine without having to find a huge amount of time.

The result? After spending a week using the Shine Diffusion treatment, I was pleasantly surprised to find my hair was indeed, shinier. For context, my hair is very thick with loose curls, and is often culprit to dryness and frizz, which makes it look even bigger and curlier than it already is. Shine has never come naturally to my hair texture, and the light reflecting capabilities that a Pantene advert might suggest may only come, with luck, from a trip to the hairdresser. But after using this daily, opting for a two to five minute treatment, depending on what time allows, left me edging closer to what those TV-presented stereotypes seem to easily display.

However, for any of you thick-and-long-hair ladies out there, be warned: in the long run, I don’t know how suitable these treatments will be. The process consists of the hairpod dispelling the treatment via a faint mist onto your hair, which for its minimal level of mess makes it incredibly beneficial. But as I, and I’m sure many with luscious locks will discover, is that the process means it doesn’t delve deep enough into our many layers of hair. For me, the shine treatment was an exception, with the effects being topical, it's inability to delve deeper wasn't problematic on my hair. But I struggled to feel the reap of benefits from the Micellar Shampoo, as it struggled to transpire through my thick bounds of hair.

Despite that, I do believe this is worth the investment. I’m sure the future of Réduit will be filled with more trials and tribulations as to make this product even more adaptable to hair types, and even if I just end up using it for the shine it gives my barnet, it’s worth it.

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