Bee venom face masks? Tried it. Biodegradable detergent? Surprisingly oat-tastic. Digitalised Barre classes? The proof that shouting profanities can make pain a little less painful...

As you can see, at Because we'll happily tread the waters of trialling new products to prove that their USP is worth spending your money on. This week, we've rallied the team to get acquainted with the Khali Min Rescue Oil, which claims that this treatment to rescue damaged hair is suitable for all hair types. Skeptical, but intrigued, we clicked the order button and have spent the past week testing its abilities.

To find out how we got on, take a read below.

Caroline Issa, Editor-In-Chief
My week with Khali Min oil was approached like a treat for my scalp. Over lockdown, I had been using Dr. Barbara Sturm's Scalp Serum – which feels exactly like a serum for the face, light in consistency and used by dripping a few drops through the hair and scalp and massaging it in. I figured it would help during the stressful days of pandemic-induced sheltering and keep my thick hair from falling out. So I was excited to discover Khali Min and it's delicious smell and golden oil using natural ingredients indigenous to Egypt. Unlike the serum, I have been using it mainly pre-shower or overnight, using a few more drops to massage into the scalp as its consistency is definitely heavier and oilier but as such feels very sumptuous and enriching. I'd consider using it during the day too with hair in a ponytail for a leave-in conditioning day, and also have a chance to get a whiff of the beautiful, subtle fragrance the oil carries.

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
During the summer months, I seem to be constantly reminded by my body temperature that I have obscenely thick hair. As lucky as I am, it does mean I have to battle with overheating ridiculously quickly and constantly getting knots in my hair – the later being caused by the dehydrated state my hair gets because of the former. Because of this, I wanted my experience with the Khali Min rescue oil to result in lusciously, hydrated locks. Following the directions on the back of the bottle, I soaked my hair in the oil for about an hour (though minimum required time is 30 mins) and threw it in an unsightly bun to keep it off my face. After washing out and continuing my usual hair routine, I was left with the lusciously hydrated locks I had so desired. An additional bonus was that I also found my hair a hell of a lot easier to detangle, which caused the time of my routine to be cut drastically. As a moisturiser and detangler in one, I'll be sure to reach for this again in dire, dry times. 

Carmen keeps her oil-drenched hair off her face by putting her hair in a bun, literally on the top of her head.

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-Ordinator
Ever since I decided to give the curly girl method a go (minus the method, just the ethos), I've been voracious in my pursuit of the products that will nourish and define my curls. Besides the obviously pretty packaging, the main part of the Khali Min oil I was interested in seeing results was on the 'rescue' front. Having gone through countless rounds of bleach, the ends of my hair are stubbornly straw-like so I loved that after applying just a few drops of oil to the ends of my hair  (as opposed to an all over pre-shampoo treatment as instructed) it gave it a healthy shine and it helped to smoothen out my wiry ends. It also smells heavenly – a major plus. 

Nas was left with wonderfully frizz-free, defined curls after just a few drops.

Buy the Khali Min Rescue Oil here.

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