There's no doubt that the perfume landscape is dominated by the mega-brands. Whether in the lavender fields of Grasse for Chanel or Dior's bestselling fragrances, so many iconic perfumes line up our bathroom shelves ready for a spritz of the familiar and comforting. 

But we know that the rise and rise of niche fragrances – smaller, independent brands such as Perfumer H, Memoize and Vilhelm Perfumes, for example many of whom we have featured here on Because – is a result of us wanting to find something special, a scent that brings us to a place we haven't yet been, or allows our imagination to soar.  

"When I founded FLORAL STREET, I wanted to challenge myself and the beauty industry to do things differently.  I want to help consumers become connoisseurs of fragrance in a fun, accessible but also responsible way," Michelle Feeney, FLORAL STREET's founder shared with us.  That includes not only the scents themselves, but the materials used. "Our fragrances are vegan, our ingredients are responsibly sourced and our packaging is recyclable, reusable, compostable and now refillable – it's the complete package. This is the future of beauty," Michelle tells us.

Her latest arrival in a ten-strong fragrance stable is Arizona Bloom. She describes the scent's origins as "wanting to invoke a "natural high" ...for the urban cowgirl. We wanted to create a scent that captured the feeling of total freedom and high-octane living - and help spur on the new slow-beauty movement." So small ambitions then! But we're happy to report back that with a few spritzs of the dry, amber floral its unique scent profile made up of balinese coconut, madagascan black pepper and oak moss altogether warm up and transports you to heated, dazed days in the sun.

Michelle's inspiration moodboard while making Arizona Bloom

"We chose our fragrance house partner, Robertet, because they are a world leader in sustainable, natural raw materials. They ensure all are traceable to source and they only use the highest quality, sustainable natural ingredients," Michelle shared. "All our cardboard outer packaging is sustainably sourced and recyclable, and we are leading the way with our eco hero - a ground-breaking wood pulp fragrance carton. This is the responsible alternative to the traditional plastic cartons or foam inserts that usually encase perfumes. The FLORAL STREET pulp cartons are compostable and reusable - you can even grow seeds in them!"

Given we're all learning the joys of indoor gardening and sprouting seeds, this is an extra bonus for us fragrance and gardening lovers! Smell great and help make the planet that bit more green. Bloomin' marvellous!

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