I've been on the hunt for the right blush shade since...ever. Although it's been a slow, dawdling, wandering off into the forest kind of hunt, it's been a task nonetheless. Reds felt too vibrant, pinks too rosy and corals...well, I didn't even know where to start on that one. But as we enter blush season and seeing as I can't go wrong with wearing the 'wrong' blush shade at home, I thought it was finally time to seek professional help; and finally, fake that faint rosy cheek glow often seen against a wintery backdrop.

So, who better to turn to than Kirsten Kjaer Weis of her eponymous label? Known for their refillable cream blush that comes in covetable sleek metal packaging, they also carry the label of organic and sustainable beauty while offering eleven shades (!) of the cult-beauty favourite.  Of those eleven, I asked make-up guru Kirsten to recommend her top two shades so keep reading if you haven't quite found the right blush or if you're looking to add new shades to your collection. 

Above & Beyond
Kirsten says: This is one of our more brighter colours, but still very buildable. It is a beautiful vibrant coral, in the winter months our skin can look a little lacklustre and this injects some much needed colour without it looking unnatural.

Here we are with my much-feared coral shade but thankfully, my fears were unfounded. It's strikingly vibrant and though I was worried that the colour might make me look clownish, as soon as I swiped my finger across its smooth texture and onto my cheeks, the colour was so much more sheer than expected and as Kirsten said, very buildable. On my skin, it came off as a youthful pink glow. 

Kirsten says: Joyful is the perfect warm coral-toned pink for a healthy radiant glow. It works beautifully on those with olive and golden undertones.

I still can't figure out for the life of me what my skintone is but I'm confident enough to say that I sit somewhere in the realm of olive and golden undertones. Hence, I was very excited to try this shade and see if it was "the one". Looking at the shade in its matte red refill packaging, the pink colour radiates so much warmth and it melted into my skin beautifully. This is definitely one to build as the colour is subtle and rather than being an in-your-face pink, it adds that natural dewy glow - perfect for when your skincare game isn't at its strongest.

Another notable mention is "Sun-Touched", which Kirsten describes as, "a universally flattering shade, its soft coral complexion gives a beautiful natural warmth to the face which is neither too warm or too cool." It's also her winter pick so while I didn't try it out myself, it's already on my Christmas wishlist.

So, in the end, I did find two perfect shades that I would wear everyday but what I really learnt from using Kjaer Weis products is that it's less about pigeon-holing yourself into a narrow spectrum of colours that you think suits your skin and more so about finding the right texture. As Kirsten says, "Find a formula that works with your skin rather than sitting on it." If you find a colour you love that is sheer enough to build up to your desired effect then swipe it onto the apple of your cheeks and let natural light do the rest!

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