Before our working from home days, it was easy to leave the office and not look back, instead thinking of tucking into a heart-warming dinner, watching our favourite t.v. show or simply changing into our jammies. But now as we share our work and entertainment space, it's easy to lose that sense of excitement and properly unwind. Through trial and error, we've found that the first step is to close that work screen. The second is to have a key item that signals a day's work done. If you haven't found the one, don't worry! The Because team has gathered our unwinding essentials to get you started...

Caroline Issa, Editor-In-Chief
My end of day unwinding product is this Chanel hand moisturiser. This egg shape container is highly satisfying to squeeze out the cream and slather it all over my overly (well, not these days!) washed hands and I'll really take the time to rub my hands together, work it into my nails and cuticles and get my dry hands into a soft and squishy state. I think even the act of giving myself those five minutes of self-care and the simple act of hand rubbing gives me a connectedness to my body and my health, which I feel is important to do these days. 

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
I've never been the type of person that is good at relaxing. Being a natural busy-bee that literally won't sit still, I often have to force myself to take the time to fully relax. Taking a bath with this Neil's Yard bath soak makes a perfect unwinding activity for me: my body can succumb to the restorative essential oils in this soak, and I'm psychically forced to stay in one spot and be present. A bath is also the answer to post-workout muscle fatigue, and with the added enhancement of a soak in arnica, I can get back to keeping myself busy without suffering from aches and pains.

Delia Wagner, Publishing Assistant
As the days start to blur into one and we all forget what day of the week it is, it's hard not to feel tired and overwhelmed by the world we currently live in. So after a long day of working from home and being in lockdown, for me the ultimate unwinding is a good night's rest. Sleep is a key component of our physical and mental health, our beauty, the immune system and overall wellbeing. Basically all the good things we need right now, we can get (at least in part) from a good sleep. The Dr. Barbara Sturm sleep supplements help me to a faster and deeper sleep-completely naturally.

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-Ordinator

Now that I'm working from home, I've given more thought to the things that help me relax and feel as though I've just arrived home from work. A big part of that is self-care and giving my skin some TLC. My skincare routine hasn't deviated much from normal days which is why I've been incorporating more masks for that sense of luxury and me-time. This one from Drunk Elephant is a hydration godsend. It's cooling effect means that as I massage it into my skin, I can feel any tension and stress melt away and the radiant effects last until the next morning.

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