Colour therapy is real. Why else would we spend hours colour coding our home bookshelves to resemble rainbows and feel so much pride thereafter? Or scroll through instagram accounts like @lexpott and moon over their pastel coloured candles and wax rainbows until we feel at peace. Colour soothes, and if you aren't pulling on a bright jumper for your work zoom calls, then we find a slash of colour on the lips can be equally fruitful.

We find ourselves delving into our lipstick libraries (yes, it's a thing!) to both 1. entertain ourselves in the in-between moments of the gazillions of zoom calls we flit between and 2. brighten up the aformentioned endless zooms and Teams meetings as lipstick always makes us feel more put together with a 30 second effort. Easier than working out, that's for sure.

So it's lovely to find Dior's new gift leather case, in time for the holiday season, encasing 1 limited edition refillable jewel lipstick in their classic 999 red along with 5 refills in universally flattering neutral pink shades - all stamped in a satisfying snowflake pattern on their perfectly untouched colour wands.

Classic 999 Dior red

481 Hypnotic Matte shade

The lipsticks glide on easily and have names like Hypnotic Matte and Paris - sure to transport you a bit on a grey day. 

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Shop them individually here below if you love a snowflake stamped lipstick!