What? Lip Lacquer Luxe by Tom Ford. An iconic piece... Elevated!

Why? Two finishes – mirror-like vinyl and a trending matte look – let you switch up your style, the luxurious way.

With his glowing track record in the lipstick landscapeTom Ford has confidently cracked the code for what it is that makes a handbag essential: That is, a pucker-up product, which you can swear by!

Now, a new Luxe Collection takes his sell-out Lip Lacquer range to new stratospheres of sophistication – complete with a whack of technologically advanced pigment. 

Cushioned with emollients that will saturate the lips with a striking slick of colour, these liquid lipsticks are the crème de la crème of cosmetics thanks to their smacker-smackingly good finishes. 

Offered in two textures – Vinyl (with a candy-like gleam) and Matte (for a soft-edged effect) – as well as a spectrum of colours that span glossy nudes, magnetic corals and vibrant tomato pops, this glorious gamut boasts a second-skin feel that refuses to budge... Meaning that you can paint the town red, from dusk until dawn!

Pucker up. Shop the Lip Lacquer Luxe collection here:

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