We all know the well-loved classics - we’ve seen their bottles on our mother’s dressing tables and caught whiff of their distinctive scents on the street. And while they’re classics for a reason, there are fragrance houses that lean on the niche side and find themselves equally as compelling.

London is a melting pot of talent, for starters. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up three tastemakers to add to your collections...

Tom Daxon 
Destined for a fragrant life, British perfumer Tom Daxon grew up in a world of scent. Tom’s mother, the long-time creative director and founder of Molton Brown cosmetics shared the secrets of her trade with him at a young age. Having passed down the experiences and knowledge, Tom now has a modern, understated approach with his namesake line, which has steadily expanded since its 2013 inception.

Amongst award-winning unisex fragrances, the most recent to launch in the collection is the delicate and fresh musk-based, FUYU. Housed in its minimal glass bottle is a top note of white peach, heart notes of jasmine and iris and soft musks of cedarwood; a powdery combination of an intense creamy fruit is what to envisage on the softest skin, having been blended with oils in Grasse and matured in England for six weeks. 

Maya Njie
A collection of essential oils, aroma compounds and resins is what fragrance maestro Maya Njie works with in her handmade, unisex scents. A newbie to the scene, having launch in March as a Liberty Exclusive, the Swedish and West African designer has pooled inspiration from her heritage and upbringing to fashion a line of five artisan scents.

Based off of a family photo album from decades before her time, Maya set out to capture, by way of scent, these moments in time - the tropes of familial life - set within the frames. Utilising both natural and synthetic ingredients, Maya harnesses the best of nature and science combined: musk and ambergris are a few of the synthetic substitutes used in her creations that are mixed in small fresh batches, filtered and bottled individually by hand. 

Experimental Perfume Club
Tapping into the trend of personalisation, East London-based Experimental Perfume Club creates ‘for the new generation of creative individuals’. Fashioning something truly bespoke is the name of the game.

Founded by trained nose Emmanuelle Moeglin - who boasts 12 years experience in the industry - the brand offer only a handful of ready-made Eau de Parfums, while the possibilities to stamp your own fragrance footprints are endless. Perhaps spice is your thing, or you have a nose for fig and neroli? Why, you can have them all... At Harvey Nichols, where the brand have recently popped-up.

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