It's not a shock to hear that London's pollution is through the roof, but what does that actually look like? Following a report from King's College London, it's been reported that 50 blackspots in the city – including Covent Garden and Oxford Street – now breach EU limits on toxic air. As in, it's literally not safe to be wandering around. For Central London dwellers, like me, it's a pretty harrowing reality.

Although my naked eye can't see the pollutants and damage in action, I know instinctively for every bus that drives by, pumping out toxins galore, that this city is no good for me on a cellular level. Aside from wearing a mask (à la Paria/Farzaneh Spring/Summer20), there's not much I can do to prevent breathing in the air. But with skincare is a bit of a different story – there are preventative measures.

A seasoned skintellectual, who knows full well about the effects of pollution – having dealt with it every day for over a decade in her Sloane Street clinic – Lisa Franklin offers help at hand with her namesake range and signature facials. Having recently launched a new signature, the Rejuvenate by Endospheres Facial Treatment, which promises to deep clean and exfoliate, I was keen to book in and purge myself of toxins.

Climbing "in bed" as she called in and assured
 I would only need to move my head every so often from side-to-side, I reverted to a 10-year-old me – one who asks 100 questions a minute about anything and everything. Met with "you wouldn't wear the same underwear for two days, would you?" about my exfoliating habits, shortly followed with "so why wear the same skin?", I promptly shut up and let her get to work. 

What was most interesting about the facial was the myriad phases it takes on. Working with her pollution-busting, firming and hydrating vegan  range – the Lisa Franklin Pro Effect system, which has earned the brand the badge of 'Positive Luxury'  – the facial, which lasted just shy of an hour, went through three core stages.

Using a barrel-shaped device, the facial facial began with 'sensitised ablative micro vibration', which created an mechanical peeling effect to really deep clean and make up for the lost time skipping exfoliation – it was a sensation that was an unusual as it was pleasant. Next came the two stages of 'compressive micro vibration' and 'vibro electro delivery', which both merged into one big sculpting, lifting and relaxing affair. In technical terms, the second stage comprised a pore-opening treatment that paved the way for nourishing active substances in the third. 

And how did I look? Very hydrated, with the lotions and potions leaving a glass-like sheen on my skin. And, very awake, thanks to the lymphatic drainage that the facial worked through. Since, I hope to have made Lisa proud with my now-regular exfoliating – and as I wander through London, I have her Anti-Pollution Cleanser and Pollution Defence Cream to thank for keeping me protected.

Protect and perfect with the Lisa Franklin Pro Effect range, here:

Visit the Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé Chelsea at 186 Sloane St, Belgravia, London SW1X 9QR.

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