How to swerve illness and stay in tip-top condition ahead of a big event? While a face mask or maybe eating one's bodyweight in oranges may well have been the done 'thing'  in years of yore, a very 2019 answer is to get yourself an IV drip. And that, ahead of the London Fashion Week shenanigans, is exactly what we did.

Dropping into the cult and ubiquitous REVIV (find them dotted around the globe, from LA to Australia and New Delhi; our local was Great Portland Street), we got fired up with liquids that promised a quick and sustained fix. Intrigued, but equally horrified? Read on...

Josephine Platt, Editor, says:
Call me a human guinea pig, reporting for duty. When I caught wind of the IV therapies down the road, they had me at "will help you work hard and play harder"... What a ring! But in all seriousness, my interests were firmly piqued at the science that goes into REVIV's specially formulated drips: unlike oral supplements, these babies have a 100% absorption rate, so hydration is, well, guaranteed. Plus, they come with a bucketload of nutrients and vitamins you didn't know you needed.

The first time I popped in was in the wake of Ukrainian Fashion Week – I spent a jam-packed 48 hours in Kiev for the shows and my diet was out of whack. It was fair to say I needed for some recuperation as London Fashion Week fast approached. Sceptical while open-minded, I was hooked up to the Megaboost after the experts ran me through the procedure in their friendly space. Advised the Megaboost for its core pillars of boosting immunity and energy as it sticks two fingers to jet lag, I quickly realised this was no placebo. In the hours to follow, my focus and attention was back and I had a new found spring in my step. "Bouncing off the walls," as my colleagues later exclaimed. Refreshed, I certainly was. For good measure, we also threw in a Slimboost injection. "Don't take this the wrong way," joked Luke the Clinic Manager as he explained the injection was amazing for energy levels.

Then came London Fashion Week. In anticipation of the demanding schedule, I headed back for round two with my colleague Carmen (see her review below) and opted to change things up with a slightly different IV therapy. This time, I got stuck into (pun intended), the Vitaglow. Combined, once more, with the Slimboost, I enjoyed the benefits of its high Vitamin C and Glutathione concentrate that yields anti-aging properties, while cleansing the organs. I felt well and truly fresh and ready to stretch myself over the weekend. Fast-forward a week on and I'm still feeling fit as a fiddle. Call it luck, call it a miracle, I'm certainly sure the drips played their part. 

Carmen Bellot, Fashion Assistant, says:
Coming out on the other side of a five-day long fashion fiesta, I was expecting the last week of work to have been  fuelled by an endless amount of caffeine. But alas, I couldn't use LFW as an excuse for my coffee addiction, as one IV treatment from Reviv gave me a week-long boost of energy. Popping in the day before the shows were starting, I arrived with a tickle in my throat that was suggesting a visit by the common cold – an unwelcome guest who definitely
was not invited. I needed my immune system to be on the same level as my outfit choices – on point – and so I opted for the Megaboost Therapy, designed to strengthen my immunity and re-charge my batteries.

After a quick 20 minute treatment, my veins were pumping with Vitamins B12 and C, and combined with a Slimboost Booster Shot (a shot of energy ideal for boosting your metabolism), I left feeling armed for the days ahead. I noticed instantly after the treatment how energised I felt, and my vitality levels were consistently high throughout the multiple shows. But to my delight, my sickly foe never made an appearance! I went from show to show not having to worry about being snapped blowing my nose, and my body felt its best. Even post-LFW, I've managed to keep any signs of illness at bay... And that's taking into consideration the barrage of unhealthy snacks and drinks that have passed my lips. Previously dubious about injecting vitamins straight into my body, I've done a complete 360. Get me started and you'll find me yapping on about how good this treatment is. Seriously, this is the solution for any rundown soul who needs a healthy and quick pick-me-up.

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