This vegan business ain’t no fad! To prove it, World Vegan Day returns today for its 24th year, with a manifesto to demonstrate that going green is nothing to be scared of.

Whether abstaining from animal products is something you’ve momentarily toyed with, or a practice that you’ve wholeheartedly embraced across fashion, your diet, and beauty, shifting to a more ethically conscious way of consuming is always for the greater good of our planet.

With brands discontinuing non-vegan formulas to replace with 100% cruelty-free ranges, promoting integrity and social responsibility, our raison d'être is firmly about championing these seismic shifts. High-performance maquillage with vegan pigments and nourishing natural vitamins is the way forward – and we’ve got your makeup bag overhaul sorted...


A base starts with Hourglass – Carisa Janes’ luxury innovator brand that supports the Nonhuman Rights Project in its fight to establish legal rights for animals. Revolutionary in its ability to bestow the coverage of a concealer, while boasting the fluidity of a liquid and weightlessness of a powder, the Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick arrives in a wealth of shades, from Blanc to Espresso, to enter into the arena without fragrance, gluten, nanoparticles and any nasties


Crafted from up to 85% certified organic ingredients – like Vitamin E and Aloe – that nourish, lengthen and thicken, and void of any chemical glues and synthetics, Ilia Mascara not only creates deep, rich colour and drama for your lashes with every stroke, but it works its magic to condition each strand singularly and aid in repair. 


Lipstick comes by way of Dose of Colors, whose vegan and cruelty-free products are born out of an “innate love and passion for cosmetics” – meaning they’re just as good for you, as they look on you. See a trend here?


Eyebrows are lovingly attended to with a 100% vegan-friendly option, Illamasqua’s Eye Brow Cake. Despite sounding good enough to eat (but, y’know, don’t), it gets to work on plumping-up brows with colour-intense and totally sublime shades to suit every follicle.


Pixi Beauty already boasts a comprehensive line of vegan options – spanning primer, concealer, foundation, brightener, bronzer, eyeshadow, mascara, powder… You get the gist! (They will not, at any cost, test on animals, nor do they allow others to do so on their behalf.) Bringing a pop of colour and accentuating the window to our souls, its Mesmerizing Mineral Palette – packed with finely milled, Vitamin E-bolstered pigment powders, which protect the delicate skin around the eyes – will be enhancing our evening makeup looks for the foreseeable future.

The future looks bright (and fair and ethical)... Join the revolution!


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