Straight, S-shaped, curved or hard-angled: Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are the same…

Trends come and go – something that Blink Brow Bar founderVanita Parti MBE (credited as the woman who took ‘threading’ mainstream) will tell you, founding her brow-focused brand back in 2002, which has since expanded to more than 23 bars across the UK and New York – however, the art of plucking, and maintaining optimum brow health remains the same whatever your preferred shape.

That’s why, in a bid to avoid raised eyebrows (and display a cracking pair to boot), we’ve called upon the expect herself to get the DL on precisely how to shape-up our brow game, and what trusty tools we should be looking to for help.

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Step One: Shaping
"When it comes to shaping, I’d suggest leaving it to the experts who are trained to remove every stray hair and shape your eyebrows with perfect precision. However, if you can’t resist shaping at home, I recommend drawing a perimeter around your brows with a white cosmetic marker; it’s so easy to get pluck happy, and this will remind you how far you can go. Remember to keep the fullness and the length!

To achieve the perfect shape at home, measure your brows with a pencil to ensure that the start is at the bridge of your nose; balance the pencil from the bottom of the nose to the end of the iris (rather than the centre of the eye) to map your arch, and end just beyond your eye. Eyebrows that are too close together or too far apart can actually appear to shrink your eyes!"

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Step Two: Conditioning
"Eyebrow hairs are like your head hair. We often say that the key to a healthy brow is sticking to a good routine; to keep your brows in good condition and nourished, apply our BBB Nourishing Brow Oil before going to bed. It’s packed with Organic Rosemary oil, which is known to not only aid hair growth, but also make existing hairs glossy and shiny."

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Step Three: Defining
"If you are looking for a ‘completely natural’, groomed and glossy brow then a BBB Brow Gel is fantastic for taming unruly and wayward brows. A gel-based product should always be nourishing, moisturising and add a subtle gloss, whilst fixing the brows into their natural shape. When using the BBB Brow Gel, start at the middle point of the brow and brush in the direction of the hair growth towards the tail end for the most natural finish.

If you want bolder, more shapely brows, then try a richer pigmented product such as the BBB Brow Sculpt, which is a gel-cream hybrid that will create an incredible supermodel brow in seconds. Apply your product of choice slowly, and build up in thinner layers to ensure that you end up with your dream look. For thinner brows, a buildable product such as the BBB Brow Build Gel will give that fuller, more luscious appearance. It contains micro fibres that coat tiny ‘baby’ brow hairs, and literally help you to ‘grow’ and build your brows... For a subtly defined, natural brow, especially for a beginner, a pencil such as our Ultimate Arch Definer is your best friend."

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Step Four: Finishing
"Every brow needs a touch up – be it with a brow gel to tame and keep the hairs in place, the addition of colour with a definer, or a sculpting tool to fill in those gaps. To keep your brows in place all day, we recommend one of our coloured BBB Brow Gels. They’re easy to apply for touching up on-the-go and require zero artistry skills."

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