If, like us, you subscribe to the opinion that what you put on to your body is just as important as what you put in to it, then you’ll be acutely aware of the potentially damaging side-effects of poorly made cosmetics – each one boasting a formula that reads like a Who’s Who of complexion-angering aficionados.

This shouldn’t put you off makeup, mind you. (Far from it!) However, given that our faces are already subject to second-hand atmospheric pollution, it should serve as a timely reminder to linger a little longer on the ingredients list when perusing for your summer skincare or statement maquillage. After all, ‘toxic kisses’ may sound poetically charged, but they’re not exactly something we’d recommend practicing IRL… And RMS Beauty agrees with us!

A personal endeavour of the brand’s Founder, Rose-Marie Swift, the Wild With Desire lip range is a satin-finish collection that packs a punch on pigmentation – and antioxidants! Harnessing the nutrient-rich state of raw, food-grade, organic ingredients, none of which have been subject to the usual onslaught of refining, deodorising, clarifying and over-heating, Rose-Marie realised that extraordinary colour and texture can still be created without the need for chemical or synthetic inclusion.

With the addition of five new hues – including the dusky mauve ‘Temptation’, an understated pink ‘Unbridled Passion’, and the earthy neutral ‘Magic Hour’ – the gamut now tots up to 15 separate shades that can be built to a bold pigment or lightly smudged for the most subtle hint of colour.

Now that’s worth pouting about!

Kiss kiss! Shop the RMS Beauty range here:

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