It’s a love-hate relationship we have with our Capital. Sure, its abounding calendar of arts and cultureshopping excursions and chic hangout spots are second to none, but its sky-high pollution levels are the bane of our beauty lives

Coupled with inevitable sun exposure and a daily barrage of blue light from our computers, phones, tablets (you name it!), city life is damn well tough on our skin, and a breeding ground for inflammation. That’s if we don’t put up our complexions’ proverbial shields and take the necessary precautions.

Answering to the growing demand from city-dwellers and digital ‘natives’, seasoned molecular cosmetics scientist Dr. Barbara Sturm is the woman to learn from when it comes to all things skincare. Our Managing Editor, Abigail Gurney-Read, pinned down the in-demand MD to talk about the onslaught of big city life and just how to protect your skin in the summertime. Watch and learn!

Abigail wears… dress by Eudon Choi; earrings by Cornelia Webb.

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