Azzi Glasser is renowned for her incredible skill in creating authentic character concoctions – perfumes that poignantly capture an individual’s unique style and personality. In the world of bespoke aromas, her tailoring ability is said to be second to none.

The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi is Glasser’s award-winning brand, which offers truly special scents to those of us that crave a one-of-a-kind whiff (without the made-to-measure price tag). You can imagine my child-like delight then, when Azzi invited me to peruse her vast fragrance library and select my favourite ‘titles’ from amongst the archive...

C Eau de Parfum
If I were to take a stab at what the ‘C’ in this Eau de Parfum stands for, it would be ‘Charisma’ – and, given that Azzi herself describes the scent as something that "creates a sense of confidence and spirited energy, which becomes an attractant to those around you", this wouldn’t seem far off the mark.

With an upward-slanted spritz, I walk through the airborne veil. An ensemble of vetiver, cistus, guaiac and white musks vibrate on the skin... The magic is working! Stepping out onto the other side is a step into character. You’re still ‘you’ – you’re just the ‘you’ that only comes out to play after a cheeky sip of Champagne, darling!

Life becomes a fascinating novel, in which you’re cast as the enigmatic protagonist. Meanwhile, a heady concoction of poivre and neroli will capture your cool and newfound energy, as the scent’s ‘magnetic heart’ of blonde precious woods work in harmony to provide a striking sensory backdrop to the scene...

Fig Ambrette Candle
Azzi’s eloquent ode to the most delectable of fruits conjures the scent sensation of a perfectly ripe, just-picked fig. Sentimental memories announce themselves as the flame burns on, leading you by the hand into an idyllic expanse of groves and orchards.

This 100% natural blend has been designed to smell "good enough to eat" – and I found it to be the perfect accompaniment to doing precisely that! Fork in one hand, and a book in the other...

Lately, my reading choice has been Alexandre Dumas’ little known Le Grand Dictionaries de Cuisine; a treasure chest of bon vivant recipes and reminiscences in the pleasures of eating, his descriptive tales of food only add to the appetising aromas that rise from Glasser’s deliciously designed jar.

Sequoia Wood Eau de Parfum
Azzi’s personal fragrance – the deeply sensual Sequoia – was too good to keep bottled away. After receiving continual compliments about her signature scent, she eventually decided to make it available to us all. (And boy, am I glad that she did!)

Nothing could have prepared me for the sensory experience that awaited as I unboxed this shelf-candy bottle... Like a Grimm’s fairytale unfurling before my eyes, its aromas of light and dark played together, enticing me down an intriguing path from the very first spritz. 

Its deeply rich notes of red sequoia wood are unlike any other scent I’ve ever encountered; fairy-like top tones of neroli and palmarosa sing sweetly, whilst the shadowy bases of cedar, patchouli and white musk oils pull you deeper into your journey through a mysterious yet seductive forest. From start to finish, this is a tome that you won’t be able to put down...

Azzi Glasser: Further Reading

The book that changed my philosophy and outlook on life...
I didn't enjoy reading fiction as a child, and loved to read factual books instead. I remember frequently venturing into my father’s wondrous library, and I started to read the encyclopaedias from start to finish. I was fascinated by all that had been achieved in the world, and I could also see what had not yet been done. This was the start of my fascination in invention and creation.

The book that I’d recommend for everybody to read...
My favourite fiction book of all time is Perfume by Patrick Suskind... And I am very fussy! Even if you have no interest in perfume or in smells in particular, this novel is an olfactory sensation – in every respect! The story line is dark and deep, and makes you feel more in touch with your subconscious mind, body and soul. Scent is the most primitive and basest of all our senses.

The links between perfume and story-telling...
Everybody is unique. Each individual has their own character and style, which is usually portrayed through the way that one dresses, talks and looks. You can tell your story wherever you go. I have always been fascinated by people and how different each of us are.

Scent is one of the most powerful story-telling tools. The fragrances in The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi collection are based on 14 different characters and styles; they tell the stories of how you want to be represented to the outside world. Like a DNA print of your life, my perfume formulations can portray your artistic story and personality with a magnetic quality that creates a memory of you for years to come.

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