Burnout in the Big Smoke is real. It’s up to us to prioritise our wellbeing with the right nutrition and mindful mechanisms to get us through the day unscathed.

Any help is very much welcomed – and the launch of Brendan Murdoch’s artful apothecary concept retail spaceAnatomē, answers just that plea and then some. 

Founded on the idea that nutritional and emotional balance are the vital pathways to a healthy lifestyle, this new wellness space – which marks the second Anatomē location in London – not only offers a comprehensive collection of supplements and therapeutic, essential oils at its apothecary bar (developed in partnership with pioneering aromatherapist, Anastasia Brozler), but also a walk-in bespoke nutritional advice service care of in-house nutritionists at your beck and call. Better yet, you can book in for one-on-one consultations, plus mindfulness workshops, massage appointments, and salon-style conversations in the Lithe lounge on the second floor.

Earlier this week, while the paint was still drying, we made a beeline to St James’ Princes Arcade to take a tour with Brendan and learn what’s in store (in every sense).

Well-Oiled Operation
"In terms of our oils, which have blends of up to 28 oilsBalance + Stability – with key ingredients of zesty Pettigrain Paraguay and Geranium Bourbon that deals with inward energy to anchor the body and centre the mind – is one of our bestsellers. It’s great for people with anxiety, who want to feel more grounded when living in a fast-paced metropolis like London. The idea is that you apply the oils first thing in the morning across your sensory points – the top of your head, brows, ears, back of head, shoulders, base of spine, wrists, palm of wrists and soles of feet."

Super Supplements
"A lot of mental wellbeing comes from the stomach, and so it’s really important that gut health is prioritised. The Pro-Biotic + Digestive Health supplement is particularly ideal for people who don’t always achieve a proper lunch break and are rushing around, as it excels in stabilising stomach health. Secondly, as we're coming into winter with less sun exposure, the Vitamin D-3 supplement is a great way to prevent deficiency."

Brain Food 
"We’ve got a range of brilliant books; some of my favourites are the mindfulness reads from Leapfrog press, which just keep flying off the shelves! A lot of people are looking for answers and so really connect with the titles. Look out for The Joy of Mindful Writing: Notes to Inspire Creative Awareness by Joy Kenward, Mindfulness at Work: Flourishing in the Workplace by Maria Arpa, and Mindfulness & the Art of Urban Living: Discovering the Good Life in the City by Adam Ford."

Waste not a moment in seeing it for yourself! Visit Anatomē at 2-4 Princes Arcade, Piccadilly, W17 9DY.

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