Up there with bespoke’ and ‘personalisationCBD – a.k.a. cannabidiol; one of over 80 compounds called cannabinoids – is a hot topic in beauty and wellness right now.

Hailed as an almighty all-in-one solution, this non-psychoactive derivative is the ‘it’ ingredient we all want in on for its cunning properties that tick a lot of boxes when it comes to both skincare (think combatting inflammation, regulating sebum, alleviating dry skin, and hydrating and nourishing via a whole host of antioxidant), and maintaining the body’s inner equilibrium. Through sharing part of the ‘fingerprint’ of our genetics – long story short, our skin has native receptors for cannabinoids known as hemp extracts – it’s bioavailable, meaning it's instantly recognised by the body and utilised… Pretty smart, if you ask us!

A pioneer of pinching said goodness from the plant is Aussie company MGC Derma – founded by experienced veterans of the global Medical Cannabis Industry – who write that “CBD has been used as a medicinal ingredient in natural healing for hundreds of years to treat a number of skin ailments.” Fully aware of its potential, they're at the forefront of bringing high-purity CBD-laced skincare into the mainstream.

Partnering their hero ingredient with powerhouses like hyaluronic acid (CBD Stem Cells & Hyaluronic Serum) for plumping hydration, algae (CBD Stem Cells & Algae All Night Cream) for its pack-a-punch nutrients, and peptides (CBD Hyaluronic & Peptides Day Cream) for its ability to restore elasticity, across its three targeted ranges – Anti-aging for firmer skin, Essentials for clear complexions, and Derma Plus for restoration – the brand proves CBD can do it all.

Meanwhile, from a supplementation perspective, Kiki Health blazes a trail for its premium anti-inflammatory, balancing blends that waste no time in getting to work on replenishing the body’s critical resources and achieving harmony through a few drops under the tongue, in the case of CBD Oil concentrate, or squirts into the mouth and mixed with drinks, if the water-based CBD Aqua + additional Cucrumin takes your fancy.

Containing a wealth of nutrients, including omega-3, fatty acid skin saviours, terpenes, vitamins, chlorophyll and amino acids, it steps forward as an essential feel-good supplement to bolster beauty from the inside out... Count us in!

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