When time is our enemy, make-up can feel like a luxury, the preserve of important meetings and cocktail parties. And this can become an endless cycle so that the tireder and more rushed we become, the less we take care of ourselves, so that in turn we look more frazzled still. 

In the latest of our tutorial series, the pioneering organic make-up artist and founder of her eponymous make-up line Kirsten Kjær Weis explains to Caroline Issa how to do the absolute bare minimum in just 5 minutes. Glowing skin, perfectly tamed brows, chic eyes, a rosy glow and barely-there lips create a groomed look that looks as effortless as it actually is. Using her own like of organic products, Kjær Weis is all about natural, healthy looking make-up that can be done in a rush so that you don't look, well, rushed.
Kjær Weis is available to buy at Net-A-Porter.

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