We spend the majority of our working days hunched over one device or another, whether it’s the computer or our phones, tension can creep up our spines and into our shoulders as we ferociously type away to meet deadlines. We're bad at taking breaks too, especially when Netflix and lunch-break feels like the only "activity" we have energy for. 

Spending hours motionlessly fixed to a desk causes our metabolic rate to drop, our blood pressure and sugar levels to increase and we lose flexibility in the spine and hips. Not to mention that this lack of movement means less fresh blood and oxygen is circulating round the body to trigger the release of mood-enhancing chemicals – is it any wonder we feel sluggish?

Well, Frame fitness – renowned for their inventive and fun approach to fitness – have come up with a quick-fix solution, in the form of their new anti-desk yoga class. The 50-minute class, intended to be taken during your lunch break, is the ultimate stress reliever, opening up the body and releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and spine. Frame opened their first studio in Shoreditch in 2009, with a focus on enjoying exercise, they are now set up in Kings Cross, Queens Park and Victoria too, so it’s easy to find one near you.

For first time yoga-goers, your initial class can be a little disorientating, and self-doubt can hit in the moments the instructor melodically hums “Nowww… turn yourself from a chair into a table,” but stick at it, the results feel immediate. Their emphasis on “full conscious breathing” means you’re forced to re-examine the stress induced tight-chested breaths we too often take, and in shifting to full-bellied inhalations anxiety is lifted and relaxation sets in. 

Their Kings Cross yoga studio, where we took our class, is itself a haven of calm. The room is soothing, surrounded by lush, green palm trees that paper the walls, and filled with a warm glow from the ceiling’s heat lamps. And if music is essential to put you in the mood for a workout, fear not, the playlist included Solange, M.I.A and Beyonce. We promise, Solange lulling “Cranes in the Sky” makes downward dog all the more bearable. 

So rest assured, whether you’re a yoga pro or a hesitant beginner you’re sure to return to work feeling less tense, with your tired mind awakened.

For more information on Frame classes, visit their website. 

Text by Hannah Keegan