The saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’ – and, while that’s all very well and good, we’re increasingly of the opinion that you are, in actual fact, whatever you slather your skin in! A healthy exterior is as much about the superfoods you put into your body as the ones you coat it with; in other words, when it comes to a vibrant visage, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

Going green needn’t end with your diet. Take the clean-living revolution out of the kitchen and into your bathroom cabinet with our feel-good foursome of vegan skincare. We’re diving in, face first…

Youth To The People
Oh, YTTP! You had us at ‘Youth’… Chlorophyll-bright with kale, green tea and spinach – so much so, you wouldn’t believe there’s zero added colour – this Californian brand’s Age-Prevention Cleanser is not only 100% vegan, but it also boasts nada (zilch! zip! absolutely nothing!) in the way of nasty parabens or artificial fragrances. From its modern aesthetic to the home-grown ingredients, it embodies the West-Coast way of life through and through.

Pai Skincare
Though the company itself was born and bred in London, Pai Skincare went further afield when seeking initial inspiration; borrowing its name from the Maori word for ‘goodness’, it harnesses organic ingredients, while making an active stand against animal cruelty. As well as a proudly vegan collection, it’s also a specialist in sensitive skincare – in fact, its founder, Sarah Brown, first masterminded the line as a solution to her own complexion complaints. 

Romilly Wilde 
Dispensing golden elixirs of turmeric and saffron, Romilly Wilde introduces heady spice flavours into your skincare recipe; the brainchild of former nutritional chef, Susie Willis, it stars vitamin-rich concoctions that took over five years to refine. If that wasn’t enough, somewhere in-between perfecting your pores, miraculously, the brand also found time to create a delectably scented soy candle, musky with notes of sandalwood and cedar.

Rallying against the premise that efficacy and purity are mutually exclusive, Odacité’s battle cry chimes with an alchemy of potent cosmeceuticals and botanical extracts. As well as being certified by PETA, the brand point-blank refuses any chemicals, synthetic ingredients and harmful dyes; in their place, you can expect nurturing combinations of pomegranate, rose and geranium that are cold-pressed for ultimate clarity. 

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