As the harsh realities of winter begin to rear their ugly head it can sometimes become apparent our skin is not coping and our trusty cleanse, tone, moisturise routine just isn't cutting it. In these moments we recommend that what your skin really needs is a cooling, restorative mask to bring it back to its former glory. So here's our carefully curated selection of the best sheet masks around - prepare to banish winter skin, and get a great Instagram selfie in the process. 

Estée Lauder, £16.50

If we were judging this based purely on each mask's potential for great Instagram content, then the Estée Lauder's Night Repair would win hands down. With its silver foil backing it has the effect of turning you into the tin man, but beneath the surface its packed with hyaluronic acid that's working fast to restore the skin's moisture. Leave on for ten minutes, and your skin will be glowing. If you're skin is irritated 

Starskin, £8.50

The first thing that holds Starskin's masks in good stead is their price point, they retail at just £8.50 so aren't going to break the bank when your skin needs a quick pick me up. Our favourites from their Second Skin range is the Behind the Scenes balancing mask and the Red Carpet Ready hydrating mask. If your skin is looking red and irritated then Behind the Scenes should be your go-to, its infused with soothing coconut juice and blends purifying Vitamin B and Gentian Root visibly that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. If you need a quick hydration fix, then Red Carpet Ready is the one - it mixes Amino Acids and Brown Algae which have strong anti aging properties, plumping the skin to a dewy finish. Twenty minutes does the trick for both masks. 

111skin, £20

There's luxury and then there's soaking your skin in 24k gold. 111skin's rose gold brightening mask is infused with just that and Damask Rose Extract. The mask is paraben, paraffin and sulfate free and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated, tighter and less puffy and you've let it works its magic for 20 minutes. Top tip: place it in the fridge 20 minutes before using and it will be extra soothing. 

Charlotte Tilbury, £18

For those of us who love sheet masks but aren't so keen on the messy excessive serum each sheet is usually soaked in, Charlotte's Tilbury has changed the game. Her dry sheet mask is packed with vitamins, rich butters and floral extracts and gives the same soft, hydrated post-mask complexion but without the fuss. Even better - you can even reuse the mask up to three times as it isn't wet so won't harbour bacteria. 

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