If, among the glitter-frenzy of the festive season, you’ve found yourself faced with an unrelenting urge to sprinkle sparkles up to your eyeballs, then we have a word of advice: step away from the shadows and grab the pigments!

Unlike eyeshadows, which can lose their shimmer on the journey from palette to lid, pigments of loose glitter have ample staying power. MAC has a vibrant and varied selection to dazzle onlookers – and we decided to give its Pink and 3D Silver shades a whirl.

Follow our easy-as-pie tutorial to put that twinkle on your eye.

Step One
Using a small brush, or even your dinkiest pinky, start by dabbing the Pink pigment into the corner of the eyes and work your way out. Be sure to keep a wet wipe handy, as the glitter can (and will) go everywhere.

Step Two
Continue to spread the sparkle out towards the centre of the lid and neatly into the crease under the brow bone. Each pigment is buildable, so add as much as you like depending on just how glittery you want to go.

Step Three
Time for a colour change! Out with Pink, and in with the 3D Silver. Liberally daub glitter onto the edges of your eyelid, making sure to blend with the pink and into the crease.

Et voilà! Disco-ball eyes to die for.

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