How we miss the new term, back-to-school feeling of a shiny new pencil case filled with stationary – scented highlighters, sparkly gel pens, a novelty rubber. Which explains why we were drawn to Trish McEvoy’s famous planner make-up kit, crammed with every make-up item one could possibly need for autumn. Like ring-binder or Filofax for beauty junkies, this is a portable and customisable kit with mirror and removable inserts. The limited edition autumn kit contains the skincare basics to prep the skin – a Beauty Booster Oil and Lip Balm with SPF – as well as a bronzer, powder and liquid foundation, an eyeshadow palette of autumnal shades and lip palette and liner, an intense gel eyeliner, a volumising mascara and a brightening under-eye illuminator. (Takes a gulp of air.) 

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