Because Australians have great hair. They also have great haircare. Although correlation does not always imply causation, we’re pretty sure those aussies are onto something with their niche haircare lines and their dreamy, curly, healthy hair.

Evo is up there amid the ranks of luxurious Australian haircare brands (see Kevin Murphy, Original & Mineral) but they are also defining themselves against the current, and especially the jargon, of hair marketing. The first thing you’ll notice about Evo products are the names:  ritual salvation (a reparative conditioner), whip it good (a styling mousse), and salty dog (a texturising spray). They are hyperbolic and surreal, punchy and playful; a deliberate takedown of the beauty industry’s marketing spiel that promises hair that looks like the love child of Rapunzel and Sophia Loren.

We’re particular fans of Helmut, an extra-strong holding spray that sets in seconds and brushes out without any fluffy residue traces; the Therapist shampoo which contains argan oil and wheat proteins to help out dry and colour-damaged locks; the Bride of Gluttony conditioner that adds all the va-va-voom we need; the Easy Tiger styling balm that flattens and protects against heat; and End Doctor a sealing cream to apply to wet ends to reduce split ends.

Evo is available to buy at Look Fantastic