Kabuki is the traditional Japanese theatrical art of singing and dancing – like musical theatre that started in the 17th century. As a style of theatre it is known for its elaborate use of make up, or keshō. Rice powder is used to create a white canvas across the actor's skin, over which kumadori lines and illustrations give an animated expression, shaping the very nature of the character who they are to play. And this is the origin of the staple beauty brush: the kabuki, used in make-up artistry to apply light dustings of powder over the face.

So it makes perfect sense, or should we say scents, that Byredo would take on the kabuki as their newest fragrance innovation. We’re simultaneously always and never surprised by Ben Gorham’s latest perfumed offerings; Byredo will forever be reimagining the traditional in fantastically subversive and inventive ways. These kabuki brushes, available in three signature scents, dispense a finely milled, powdered invisible perfume which is then dusted across the décollete, neck, wrists and wherever desired. Just as the traditional make-up defined the nature of the character in traditional kabuki theatre, Byredo's brushes allow for a subtle change in the wearer’s character: Bal d’Afrique adds a sultry mood with notes of a woody neroli; Blanche is an elegant yet modern take on rose; and Gypsy Water is a deliciously daytime sandalwood and juniper fragrance.

The Byredo Kabuki fragrances, 8g for £42, will be available 15 May.