You know when you're feeling experimental with make up and decide that venturing into smokey eye territory – a domain usually reserved for practised beauty junkies and make up artists – is a good idea, only to emerge an hour later, late to an event, with eyes resembling a manic panda’s. It’s safe to say that it's a make up crisis that most women can relate to; getting an effortless looking eyelid shimmer is no easy feat.

The above look was created by blending Ombre Blackstar in Blond Opal, Bronze Moon and Misty Rock.

So then, you can imagine our sense of relief on discovering By Terry’s eyeshadow pens and their promise to make the process a whole lot easier. The sleek gold applicator is designed to make eyeshadow application as stress free as possible - think of your eyelid as a canvas and By Terry's pens as your brush. Use them to draw on the desired shape, building the product as you go and blending with your fingers or a brush to achieve the effect you're after. The creamy shadow is enriched with Tahitian black pearl which gives it a light reflecting quality to add extra shimmer and sparkle. Easy peasy, we promise. 

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