It’s spring and we’re seeing trees of green, red roses too… and flowers, blossom, leaves everywhere. So here are three spring fragrances we love: unexpected, floral and fresh.

Super Cedar by Byredo
Super Cedar is the latest scent from cult Swedish brand Byredo – although it’s certainly not their first fragrance to supercede our fragrance hopes and dreams. The perfect, green, spring-time alternative to ditsy floral fragrances, Super Cedar is heady, sharp and distinctly grown-up. And, living up to founder Ben Gorham’s ambition to create perfumes that play on personal memory, this unisex scent is the Proustian madeleine of our school memories; one spray and we’re back in the classroom, sharpening pencils. We love how the strong cedar heart gives over throughout the day to even warmer notes of musk, vetiver and rose. This is a perfume that makes us want to be outside, in the woods, in the sunshine.

Super Cedar is available now at Liberty.

A Lilac A Day by Vilhelm Parfumerie
What exactly is that first-weeks-of-spring, Easter-Sunday smell? It’s most likely lilacs. Those tiny headed, purple and white blooms are some of the first flowers to blossom as the ground warms up after winter and Vilhelm Parfumerie has perfectly captured the essence. We love the crisp and clean floral elegance of this scent that uses the same molecules as those found in the live head of a lilac flower. A Lilac A Day does more than keep the doctor away, this perfume makes us feel like walking, talking bouquets – like Mother Nature herself after she has woken up from hibernation.

A Lilac A Day is available in April at Liberty

Love Shot by Ex Nihilo
The latest offering from Parisian perfume house Ex Nihilo is a perfectly feminine evocation of opulent 1970s Paris. The brand, famed for its exquisite personalisation programme, has added another chypre scent to its “Les Inderdites” collection. We love the springtime floral notes of peony, jasmine and patchouli combined with fruity raspberry – it’s certainly the most sensual of the bunch. And we want the Love Shot bottle on our dressing table, the laser cut plating and blue bottle-lid interior are as sophisticated as the scent, a scent which make us feel like models in a Guy Bourdin photograph (instead of wintery polar bears). With this perfume we have truly been shot by love.

Love Shot is available now and exclusively at Harrods.