What do you get when you cross the sci-fi art-deco of Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis with the ethereality of the fashion photographer Sarah Moon and the cosmetic genius of François Nars? The most rich, hypnotic and painterly make-up collection to launch in years, is what.

Sarah Moon is renowned for creating light-dappled, daguerreotype-type, dark and mystical fashion photography. Mentored by Guy Bourdin, she is known for creating dreamy, feminine beauty in her photography rendered, often, in black and white, or deeply contrasting, rich tones. Francois Nars, himself a photographer as well as the founder of the Nars brand, sought out the collaboration with Moon, having discovered her work in the 1970s. “It’s always quite an obvious choice because it’s usually someone who has been a great source of inspiration to me,” he says.

The collection is typically Moon in its palette and typically Nars in its quality and breadth. Taking inspiration from the film Metropolis, the limited edition collection comprises matte lipsticks in richly pigmented reds, fluttering false lashes, deep plum nail polishes, creamy matte kohl eyeliners in rust brown and iridescent charcoal as well as eyeshadow palettes in shimmery charcoals and gunmetals. And joining the collection is a range of gifting products, our favourite of which, is by far the Glass Metropolis lipstick coffret, featuring eight shades of the iconic Nars Audacious formula. The idea of misty transparency caries across from the campaign imagery to the packaging: “I wanted it to be very modern and feel almost as if the woman is transparent,” says Moon. “We talked about this idea of that kind of mist around the eyes so we just worked from there. Nothing too obvious, nothing too strident, just a way to enhance a woman’s natural features.”

Sarah Moon for Nars is on sale 1 November and available at Selfridges.