Few hair products can truly boast 100% natural credentials, and even fewer can boast that they contain Amazonian rahua oil as well as palo santo – the holy wood that must rest for ten years after its death before harvesting its oil. Rahua Amazon Beauty has long been pioneering the sustainable use of rahua oil in hair products that are 100% natural, organic, vegan and sulfate-, silicate- and gluten-free. The rahua molecule is small enough to penetrate the outermost layers of the hair protein enabling the restorative oil to reach and repair the hair’s cortex and leave the hair looking glossy and healthy, and, well, Amazonian!

The latest addition to the Rahua line is the Detox and Renewal treatment, a creamy and deeply moisturising formula that activates with the addition of the delicious-smelling oil. The idea is to mix the cream base with the oil at home for maximum potency as a colour-safe way to cleanse the hair of built-up silicates and dirt. The mask can be applied to dry hair – so none of that in-out-in-out bath-time palaver – and left for around half an hour. We love that each pack contains two base creams and enough oil to mix two whole treatments – so that when used over a few weeks we have silky hair as clean and soft as the day we were born.

Rahua Detox and Renewal Mask, £88 for two treatments, will be available next week from Net-A-Porter.