Walking round the city can quickly feel like being left on a perpetual ski lift with cheeks exposed to blisteringly cold winds; both one’s skin and temperament are likely to crackle. We love Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence for its silken and smooth texture that avoids falling into the sticky and syrupy traps of certain serums. It’s quite simply like throwing the quintessence of water all over your face, but a water that plumps and soothes and makes us smell like watermelon.

When brands deploy space-age packaging it can feel like they are papering over a sub-par product – all style and no substance – but Murad’s Quenching Essence lives up to its futuristic potential, containing the “of the moment” ingredient glycolic acid which helps to exfoliates the top-layers of the skin to let all the hydrating goodness in. It's the perfect product for that achingly tight after-shower feeling as it’s quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no gluey residue. “Quenching” would be an understatement.

Murad skincare is available online at Murad.co.uk.