The French have always been the best at pharmacies, and it turns out they have been the best for over 200 years. In the late-18th century a Parisian perfumer called Bully, opened his apothecary of delights on Rue-Saint Honoré and his “Vinaigre de Bully” became a patented aromatic lotion that made the brand one of the most sought after in Europe. Disappearing for most of the 20th century, the brand was revived in 2014 as L’Officine Universelle Buly and there are now stores in Paris, Taipei and Seoul.

The products are some of the dreamiest we’ve encountered, wrapped in fine packaging with hand written labels and and historical illustrations. The products combine innovative, paraben- and silicon-free formulas with unusual, other-wordly fragrances. These are pomades and balms, perfume stones and tortoiseshell combs, tonics and Japanese cleansing brushes. And now, in London, you can get your hands on Buly at its new counter in Dover Street Market. And enormous powder-pink ceramic counter displays these covetable cosmetics and, frankly, we’ve never seen a beauty hall like it. Here’s are pick of Buly’s best...

Lait Virginal Perfumes Body Lotion, 200ml

This lightweight body lotion is milk-based and perfumed to perfection. Our favourite scents are the Berkane orange blossom, Damask rose, English honey and Mexican tuberose.

Pommade Concrète Hand and Foot Cream, 75g

A balm that must be warmed first in the the hands, it contains chamomile water to counter cold air friction water and outdoors. The most nourishing of handcreams – it looks great in the handbag too.

Savon Superfin Dermatological Soap, 150g

This beautiful, lightly scented soap is moisturising without overpowering the senses. We particularly love the more unusual scents of  Calabrian Bergamot, Kiso Yuzu and Peruvian heliotrope.

Scented Matches, £15

We love these blue-tipped scented(!) matches, the perfect prelude to light your favourite candle. Does it get more decadent than this?

Visit the Buly 1803 counter at Dover Street Market, London, or buy their products from Net-A-Porter.