We have long loved Grace Coddington. Having recently stepped down from her 28-year reign as creative director of American Vogue to become its creative director-at-large, Coddington is using her newfound free time to try her hand to at fragrance making. And today marks the UK on-sale launch of Grace by Grace Coddington, a perfume created by the ever-distinctive and kooky Comme des Garçons Parfums.

To transform the quintessence of Coddington into a fragrance, Comme des Garcons’s top nose, Christian Astuguevieille stepped in. And the results are a chic Morrocan rose perfume, with notes of freesia and peach blossom, mint, basil and bergamot and heady base of white musk, amber and cashmere wood. Encasing this classic yet contemporary scent is a simple oval bottle, topped by a silver lid with two cat ears. Coddington worked on the design with Fabian Baron and is inspired by her own prolific cat doodling, which, in turn, often depicts her two Persian cats: Pumpkin and Blanket. The box is simple, clean and white while the interior displays a flash of bright orange – most certainly a nod to Coddington’s fiery hair.

We can imagine spritzing Grace by Grace Coddington into our hair on summery days, as well as onto wintery scarves. It’s a calming, chic and decidedly quirky fragrance which we are sure will reach cult-like status.

Grace by Grace Coddington, 50ml £70, 100ml £90, is available from Dover Street Market.