Once upon a time, Christian Louboutin just made shoes, beautiful, arching stilettos with an iconic shade of red lacquered on the soles. Rumour had it that Louboutin had first used nail polish to achieve the high-shine finish, so when in 2014 the brand launched its range of nail polishes, they were an instant hit. With his eye for red, lipsticks were the next logical beauty step and this July the brand launches a range of high-shine lip lacquers in eight different shades.

Named Loubilaque, the gloss-like formulas use the highest concentration of pigment to create lips as colourful as they are shiny. The colours range from hot fuchsia, deep burgundy and flattering nude to that iconic red, Rouge Louboutin. The designer himself explains that he created Loubilaque for “the bold woman who wants to bring attention to her lips. When she wears Loubilaque, she feels its power through others’ reaction to her.” And once again we fell in love with the pendant packaging; a mermaid-tail case shaped like a delicate vial, topped with a turret-like stopper, and the whole thing can be tied around the neck with a silken ribbon.

We love Loubilaque for painting dramatic, head-turning, killer lips.

Loubilaque, £60, comes in eight shades and will be available online from Selfridges 1 July 2016