It’s an oft-cited beauty fact that almost every eyeshadow stick, costing from £3 to £30, is manufactured in the same Italian factory, and the same can be said for many other products, too. So with such massive (and nonsensical) markup margins considered the norm in the beauty industry, the new brand on the block Beauty Pie is seeking offer a bit more transparency to beauty lovers. The brand has been launched by Marcia Kilgore, the woman who set up Bliss, Soap & Glory and Soaper Duper, and she’s kind of a beauty superwoman, a dab hand at anticipating consumer trends, and an ambassador for good, honest business. The Beauty Pie mantra is “No mumbo-jumbo. No middlemen. No markups,” and they are offering beauty lovers the chance to buy premium quality cosmetics at factory prices, without the markup and just a monthly joining fee of £10. So what’s a factory price you ask? Well that fluctuates based on market prices but, on the day of writing, a velvet, pigment rich lipstick costs £2.23; a 12-hour long wear eyeliner is £1.51; a liquid illuminator just £2.65.

Beauty Pie is launching with a carefully curated selection of staples, each sourced from different factories and packaged in simple, lightweight casing (without the hidden weighting or embellishments that are bad for the environment and so often push up shelf prices). The luminous One Powder Wonder is a radiance-boosting, glitter-free powder that’s milled to the finest of textures but is perfect for setting one’s face without caking or clogging, it costs £26 for non-members or £3.68 for members, while the Über Volume Boost Mascara has a chubby wand and glossy formula with infused collagen of a quality similar to mascaras costing five times the price (FYI it’s £1.93 for members). While the range at the moment is small, they’re promising more than 100 new items to be launched in the next year and there’s rumour of a skincare line, too. It's a surefire way to shake up the way we buy beauty and it's got us thinking about the environmental and economic costs of our purchases. 

This is stripped back beauty, a breath of fresh business air. It's a buyers club we want to be part of. 

Beauty Pie membership costs just £10 per month, find out more here