Aesop is famed for its pared-down, simple approach to skincare. It launches new products just a few times a year – which is unusual in a beauty world whose fuel is the new. Aesop’s formulations are renowned for their potency and efficacy; it’s a brand that takes the time to develop products just where they are needed without excess or pomp. The new Lucent Facial Concentrate is a brilliant new layering serum with the finest viscosity and lightness, and is the brand’s latest launch.

Unlike oil-based, heavy creams it is designed to hydrate the skin without clogging it, particularly when paired with the pre-existing products in the Skin Care+ range (a line that is centred on highly concentrated measures of high-quality botanical plants). Aesop is a distinctly metropolitan brand and its products are designed for city-living which explains why the Lucent Facial Concentrate contains the super-ingredient of the moment, vitamin C, for its brightening properties. This veil of moisture balances and hydrates the skin following cleansing and toning, and, as always with Aesop, it smells divine.

Aesop Lucent Facial Concentrate, 60ml, £77 is available from Aesop